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Documents are powerful; therefore, it's crucial to ensure that any important documents in your life are genuine and free of ambiguity or mystery. Rely on our professionals to examine a wide range of documents to determine their genuineness, source, or validity.

Document examination is a specialized skill that takes years to perfect. When you need to verify the authenticity, source, or accuracy of a document, turn to a trained forensic document examiner. Counterfeit documentation can be produced to replicate almost anything, from passports to birth certificates. In these cases, employing the knowledge and experience of a company specializing in document examination will provide you with an expert opinion of the information supplied.

Our team works quickly and understands that prompt results are essential in many cases. We offer a turnaround time that is second to none, and we verify our findings through extensive processes. Professionals in our company supply clients with assessments in a wide range of areas. Signature verification, handwriting identification, and document examination require a trained eye and unmatched attention to detail.

Put your trust in a company that can verify your documents' authenticity and provide you with the answers you need. Whether you require information for legal proceedings or personal purposes, our team is ready to ensure you are entirely confident that the data is genuine. If you have any questions, please contact our office. We would be happy to detail our procedures for document examination.

Throughout New York State, private citizens, corporations, and law enforcement officials rely on us to examine documents related to both civil and criminal cases. On average, we provide a verbal opinion in only three days, with detailed written reports available by request. Contact us today to speak with a skilled, experienced, and respected forensic document examiner in Rome, NY.

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